What does Wealth mean and why is it such an important Daily Wisdom Word?


Let’s start off with the dictionary meaning of wealth-Wealth-1. abundance of resources and possessions; Affluence; riches 2. abundant supply profusion. 3. All property that has a money or exchange value.


Daily Wisdom Word meaning for Wealth-1. that which makes you feel wealthy and prosperous. 2. That which holds value to you. 3. two different types of wealth; internal and external wealth.


We will not talk about wealth today from the plain ordinary meaning of cash value and riches as much as we will talk about internal wealth. Wealth in your pocket book and ownership of possessions is not the wisdom message I wish to send out with this word although there is nothing wrong with wanting nice things. We all want to be comfortable financially and some of us are. Yet, does this type of wealth bring us sincere, internal happiness? Some people lose their way and balancing act between the two, and the healthy approach is somewhere in the middle…


That is a question only you can answer but for me, being comfortable financially is important, but does not make me wealthy. What holds value to me in this world are my loved ones, which are not possessions, letters I have saved as my children have grown up, poetry I have written throughout the years, so that when I read it again after a few years has gone by, I am reminded of the feelings and abundance I felt at that time and the loved ones I have drifted away from I need to reconnect with. These things hold deep, intrinsic value to me and they define true internal wealth.


Our writing is another example of “internal wealth”. Poetry and writing are “free” monetarily, unless purchasing it, but your own poetry and writing is another gift of wealth we have that holds deep and immeasurable value, that a price tag cannot be attached to. This is an excellent example of internal wealth.


External Wealth from the standpoint of owning a home, financial security and having enough to eat on, is also wealth to me and I would be lying if I said I didn’t like to shop, but this type of wealth in an over abundance and when taken to an extreme, tends to leave many people with empty spaces inside they cannot fulfill with any amount of value. I see one of my family members who has everything. He is the true definition of a Millionaire and yet, no matter how much more money he gains throughout the years, it is not reflective to his amount of happiness in any way.


Wealth is that which means something deep and emotional to you. If that is the amount of cash you have, then so be it, I am not here to judge, just trying to make a very valid point that true wealth, if invested properly, (not financial investments), investments with our time, memories made with our loved ones, that extra babysitting you do or don’t do for your grandchild that really isn’t babysitting at all, the lifelong friendships made or lost and those family members you would give your life for, are what true “wealth” is all about. should you choose to focus more on internal wealth.


There is so much fulfillment with the spiritual relationship you can build with God. This type of wealth continues to replenish itself as long as you continue to replenish it, and sometimes even when you do not replenish it. Wealth of this kind cannot be measured by any amount of cash in the bank.


Daily Wisdom Words means nothing unless I have put my heart into what I write, and whatever I pour into it, I get out of it two-fold by one simple comment, “thanks Samantha, that really helped me today what you wrote” and that type of prosperity and value is immeasurable.


As for more of our economic lesson today, from supply comes demand. What do I mean when I say this? With this type of internal wealth, you glow, and strangers and even those that know you can’t figure out what it is that makes you this way, but the answer is easy: you know what true value is and you carry it with you. People want what you have, and it isn’t your money.


I apologize if I have lead you to believe financial comfort is not important to us, it has to be to some degree, so that we can have the time to focus on that which really matters in our life. I am just amazed however at how much value and weight is placed into this type of wealth. Well I will get off of my pedastal for the day and stop my preaching.


I hope you have gained wealth from today’s Daily Wisdom Words and I thank you very much for reading. Those of you that would like to can follow me right here at realisticpoetry.com/members, or read these daily posts other than Sundays right here at realisticpoetry.com/thevoiceofpoets/(then, Wisdom Word for the day will take you straight to the post so today is realisticpoetry.com/thevoiceofpoets/wealth, or on twitter at Samanylize@twitter.com or on facebook at Samanthaleboeuf@facebook.com and google plus.



Have a warm and blessed day..


Samantha LeBoeuf

Community Leader


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