Wisdom….Some say wisdom comes with age.  I used to believe that myself, but I learn from young
people all the time.

I host a bake night every year, for my daughter, and all the friends she grew up with, and they all are like family to me.  Two of them, are like second daughters.  Try getting a fresh perspective, can sometimes involve the wisdom of someone who is 20 years younger than you as I have listened to them and their issues, and they solve the problem most of the time through their interaction and talking through whatever their problem is.

Wisdom is often gained through relationships, and people you’ve known in an intimate way.
Some people are meant to be in your life until you die.  Some people are not meant to be in your life, and do more harm, then good.  Wisdom is shown through knowing which people should or shouldn’t stay in your life.
Wisdom is often gained through what we learn from our mistakes.

With those men I have loved, I never had such a difficult time gaining the wisdom to close the door, and sometimes, lock it until I tried doing so with him.

The man I am referring to, was my pain management doctor, for almost a year, before we started dating.   I should have known we started dating with him having the advantage.  I had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and I informed him, because he was one of my Physicians.

I should have had the insight in realizing, I had shared with him as my doctor, many intimate details, including my struggle with depression due to my medical condition, I am now sharing it with the public, because the line has already been crossed and mistake made.  He used my weaknesses against me.

 He begged me to date him, and told me over and over, how he would treat me like a princess. I guess I was very neive, but in my own defense, I really was going through a lot.  I was losing my best friend, (my ex-husband), for two years, as he was moving.  I had breast cancer.  I had also been diagnosed with Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, which is like living in hell.

I knew I would have to file for disability, and I loved my job.   CRPS, doesn’t go away.  Once you have it, you don’t ever get well.  You will always have pain attacks, and could be normal for an hour and screaming writhing in pain, the next.

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