I am sure I am not alone when I say, I speak before I think, sometimes, and regret what it is I’ve
said.  “thoughts and words are things”.

Whatever it is we voice, verbally, manifests, something.  What do I mean by this? I believe we project energy with our words to other people, and our thoughts, manifest energy within ourselves and affect our reality.

First, lets start with thoughts.  Negative thoughts are not productive for us because they actually have the power to create our reality.  I realize that is a powerful statement, but it is true.  If we think about our choices, they are created by the thoughts we have, and sometimes those thoughts aren’t processed

We do have the power to “control” our thought process, by retraining our brains.  In order to do this, we must be cognizant of every single thought we have, and when thinking a negative thought, stop and replace that thought with a positive one.  I never said this would be easy.  We are literally re-programming our brains.  This would be similar to “turning a computer off, and re-programming it with spyware.  The spyware catches the “virus or bugs” in the computer, and stops them from entering the computer system.  This is the best analogy I can use to explain how, we can retrain our brain. 

What will it hurt to try this?  I promise you it can change your reality, by changing your perception, or view point with something you feel emotional about, or simply “change” habit patterns you want to alter.

Again, thoughts and WORDS are things.  What does the last part of this statement mean?  It is clear
that what we say, can have a profound impact either positive or negative with ourselves and others.

Most of us, “react, rather than respond”.  What is the difference?  When we react, we simply say what we are thinking.  To respond,  means to count to three, so you can think before you speak.  This helps immensely when saying  anything that could impact another.

 When you do this, you will think before you speak, sparing yourself and another from potential hurt.  It is amazing how simple it is to STOP.  (SAVE   THE   OPINIONS   PERSONAL).

Think before you speak, and you will save yourself from future “regrets” we all have when saying things to another we really do not mean when thinking it over.  SL


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