I know many will relate to this picture because we have passed, on way or another, this phase.

So, I you’re a writer I’d you to look closely, compose a poem inspired by the picture, then, share with us.

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Curvy Red Gurl

Oooo la la laaaa it’s the way that we write when we doing our thing ooo la la laaaa we write cause it’s the only way oooooo la la la trying to help it escape from my brain ooooo la la la ladida didi dida been observing life now I write to ease the pain oooo la la la la la singing along the pens writing the song I wrote this listening to Lauryn I know my love for her be showing so oooo la la ladida I’m a keep writing until the people start growing sharing love over hate… Read more »


I’m not a fighter, I’m a writer
I riot with ink upon the page
I break into the margins
I won’t be held within a cage

I’ll tear leaves from their bindings
Rip an ugly jagged edge
And then I’ll write another verse
Teetering near the notebook ledge.

Words are my only weapon
I wield them rather well
I can mark a path to heaven
Or pave a road to hell

I’m a writer and a poet
You wouldn’t want me in your war
I’d spend all my time arguing
we shouldn’t do this anymore

And when the battle’s over
All dispersed and liquids dry
My job continues on regardless
Writing words until I die.


I try
To get
Get through
To you
With my writing
My life
Is pen
To paper
Do you even
read my words
I try
To inspire
Not to
Light your
Heart on fire
It’s your
Choice if you
Burn the
If I
Write it
My soul
The words
Into the universe
I hope you
Admire that

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