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🥰😚thks abuh

A gift of a melody in delicate sense of exquisite phrases his love restorative sensitive through my eyes sweet breath of light the world suddenly so bright in earnest be so now i come alive dressing mornings fervently smiling life becomes a prayer of spreaded hope.

Amazing mind as always😍😍😍

Love it splendid ..I can marry these words u write😚😙😊

A sun kissed belle dressed in red she gleams the night to entertain delights of hungry eyes she reanimates the grays of sombre days life is a dance drenched in her fragrant spell.

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About me

Michelle helene hugelmann

Born in mahe Victoria Seychelles
5th august 1975.
44 yrs old
Went through primary to seconday school to college in the national youth service NYS seychelles.
Worked in customeŕ care as a receptionists and as office assistant .
Was diagnosed with lupus in my early years and later with mixed connective tissue disorder.
All in all i am an island girl
Who goes about in a twirl and share kindness and smiles and love life . The beauty in small things that blesses my life everyday.
Love writting reading and cooking.
Enjoy nature and swimming.


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