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    Samantha Leboeuf-founder/daily wisdom words, LLC posted in the group Poets

    1 year, 7 months ago

    Our Daily Wisdom Word today is hysteria.  What does it mean to suffer from hysteria?  at one point in history, it was considered to be a controversial mental disease more prominent in women versus men.  Now, we define hysteria with a broader definition, a psychological disorder.  Let us take a look at the Webster definition of hysteria, and the daily wisdom words definition.

    Webster Definition of Hysteria-1.  exaggerated or uncontrollable emotion or excitemen/panic, especially among a group of people also known as mass-hysteria.

    Daily Wisdom Words Definition-Fear, exaggerated, especially with a group of people who heighten the perception of something, otherwise known as “mass hysteria”.

    I chose this Daily Wisdom Word today due to our newscasts and the fear we all are feeling about the Coronavirus.  Do not mistake my article as a way to play down the facts of this terrible virus that continues to spread and take the life of many elderly individuals, now classified as a pandemic. The Coronavirus-19 is also spread from animal to human.  The Coronavirus-19 is causing fear and sometimes, panic. Many store shelves are empty with limited supplies of toilet paper, meats, hand sanitizer and cold remedies.  Individuals, such as my daughter, daughter-in-law to be, and son-in-law/son are either guaranteed to stay home, or limited to how often they can go to their workplace.  All teachers are being asked to do their teaching remotely, or classes are canceled.  We are being told by our own President and leaders that we should self-isolate, getting out as little as possible.

    If I am honest, my greatest fear is that we do not seem to be close to a cure.  Viruses mutate easily, and my second greatest fear is the “New Coronavirus-20, as it is being called, has no reported cases, but logic tells us there will be.  All I am asking from us is we focus only on the facts of this pandemic.  The major loss of life occurs in elderly individuals, but still, the death rate from this horrible virus is less than 3% when calculated from the number of reported cases.  I feel 97% well rate after getting this virus is something positive we can focus on.  

    Hysteria in one person can be dealt with.  However, when hysteria becomes mass-hysteria spreading faster than the virus itself, we know we are possibly exaggerating the facts of this.  It does not help that the news and media seem intent on focusing on it.  Fear and Panic is spreading, as we see hand sanitizers sold out, and mass buying of certain necessary products.  This is a necessary precaution to keep hand sanitizers on hand.  More effectively however is simply washing your hands as much as possible for at least 20 seconds at home or in a public place or high-risk environment. Another unique thing about this particular virus is it lives on the surface of anything including countertops and floors temporarily.  The incubation period before symptoms begin to show is as long as 14 days.  Some individuals, NOT in the high risk group are not showing symptoms or disguised as a common cold, still test positive for this virus.  We do NOT have enough test kits for the illness which means only patients exhibiting symptoms are getting tested.  Logic tells us from this that our numbers of people having the virus may not be correct.  These are the FACTS.  My acronym for F-A-C-T -sis F-ocus A-bout C-entering on T-ruth 

    Am I scared?  ABSOLUTELY!  I think this is normal.  As borders close around the world, with my daughter and husband and son and fiancee planning to head to Jamaica next weekend, I worry for them.  My mother, who is 80 years old is out every day either going to appointments or going to the grocery store or shopping.  I fear for her.  I find myself fearful to fly and fearful to go to the public gym.  I worry that my partner, who is around the public every day will develop the virus.  I feel also, this will get worse before it gets better.  Don’t misunderstand this post.  There is a reason to be scared.  However, we cannot allow FEAR to be the ruling factor in our life.  We must continue to live.  I am weak sometimes with fear, and my words are then only in my wisdom, not in my actions.  I find myself being more terrified of fear and panic than the virus itself.  

    Educate yourself about the facts.  Control monitoring the news every second of the day and articles about this should be read as a way to educate, more so than produce fear or dwell on the virus.  Focus on 97%. get-well ratio.  Remember:  We cannot control this virus.  All we DO control is managing realism versus hysteria.  We can control the moderation of education when we find ourselves obsessing over this terrible illness.  Thanks so much for reading today.  To “get the facts”  visit WHO’s Website at https://www.who-int.  Also visit:  The Center for Disease Control,

    Thank you for reading today.  I hope we all follow the best path towards containment, precautions and knowledge.  Knowledge is power.  Fear is weakness.  We get to choose which road to go down.

    Samantha Leboeuf/Daily Wisdom Words


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