Though I am very tempted to start this prompt with a poem of mine but I will let you just have it. The words are body and conversation.

I’d love for you to join the prompt. Welcome to Daily Wisdom Words Picture Writing Exercise. Here, we see and write. Wanna try? It is fun when the house is full. Talking about house being full. 

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  • See picture.
  • Compose a poem inspired by picture with words in title, body and conversation.   
  • Use #DWWPWE
  • Share with us
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Abuh Monday Eneojo
Monday Abuh is a poet and author of three books.
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19 days ago

And you I’d choose
A million years
A hundred lifetime’s
Through all the struggles
All the pain
Through all the tears and all the rain
Every storm we’ve found our way
Bracing love
Forever together

19 days ago

Tides of Light

Sultry bodies mirage my eyes
as desert heat sears us
our conversation sizzles
swimming in pools of light.

We touch our smoking skin
delicious ripples reach deep
inviting a sensuous kiss
we soar canyons in our minds.

Rising tides of heat beckon
playing on our shores of sex
scenes we love to replay
as our temperament bakes.

19 days ago

Lights dance on
creamy folds of skins
heart beat rush
she drank in those
moonstone eyes
sunlit saturated
with passionate lust
denuding her last vestige
silence closed in
like a palisade
crooning safe passage
like a flower
she opens up
with sweet ardour
of expectations .

19 days ago
Reply to  Michelle

Sensuous and hot like an opening oven baking desire.

19 days ago

Thank you will get back to u on that thought😚😙😘💋

19 days ago

You move me in ways I thought no one could
Playing my strings
As I falter the embrace
Forever enraptured
As two become one

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