No dilly dallying. Can you measure love? That is the question I have for you this morning on Daily Wisdom Words Picture Writing Exercise. What a day! The initial plan was to start today with what happened to me this morning but I guess that will have to pass.

Hi, my name is Abuh Monday Eneojo. I am a poet and author from Nigeria. I will be your host. Participating is quite easy. But first, you have to SIGN UP on Daily Wisdom Words. Alright, let us get to it. Remember, the words are measure and love.

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Abuh Monday Eneojo
Abuh Monday Eneojo is a poet and author of three books. You can check out his books on Amazon.

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  1. @Tetrametracall1

    Desert Love
    Hey how do you love now
    seasons trip over themselves
    choking time like desert heat
    we measure what’s left of us.

    Hey how do you love me
    singed by our lonely words
    they follow us home
    holding on for one last glance.

    Hey how do we make love now
    days flee shadowing us
    even our eyes seem lost
    will you remember my love?

  2. Abuh Monday Eneojo

    Measure of you
    Beauty the only
    You my only treasure
    Love the fun and pleasure
    Is what I used to look for now no more
    I wanted you, you didn’t know what to do
    I fell in love with somebody I shouldn’t
    We were on the same path
    I was told I was dangerous
    But there was something


  3. Catherine

    The PTSD In Me

    If you ever wonder
    Where it hurts the most.
    If I were the ocean 
    It would spread coast to coast.

    If the pain I feel
    Was only in my mind.
    I’d go into an institution
    And leave society behind.

    But I know what it is
    The reasons why I feel.
    I know it’s not my fault
    Why the pain is so real.

    So, I awake everyday
    And put on my fake smile.
    So no one will notice
    The pain I’ve carried for a while.

    Written by Catherine Mellen ☘

    • Abuh Monday Eneojo

      A long time ago, someone dear to me told me that behind a smile are countless secrets. I guess she wasn’t lying. Not that this idea is alien to me, it is not. But, at that time I did not see myself accepting it. Thanks for posting this.


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