I guess the reason why you see seagulls today is because it caught my fancy. I love birds. How about you? Welcome to Daily Wisdom Words Picture Writing Exercise.

  • See picture
  • Compose a poem inspired by picture with words in title
  • Use #DWWPWE
  • Share with us


Abuh Monday Eneojo
Monday Abuh is a poet and author of three books.
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10 days ago

An Annoying Story Listen here, as I tell The story about the annoying seagull They fly around every beach Always so close, but out of reach Quickly they dive and steal your food Always puts a damper in my mood. They line in rows along the shore A common trend they have done before. Their feathers fall upon the sand Mesmerized into a child’s hand. We chase them away to get to the water But in their eyes, we are the squatter. It is their home, down by the sea Invaded by the rights of society. A day at the… Read more »

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