Spring 2020 Poetry Contest Winner

Daily Wisdom Words began a Spring Poetry Contest the beginning of March, 2020, and many wonderful entries were received! We allowed members and non-members alike to submit poetry for this contest. After many painstaking hours of reading and debate the community here within DailyWisdomWords.com would like to congratulate Robert Fish for his submission “All These Words”. View the winning submission below.

All these words combine
Saying such that you’re
An angel in my dream
On these lonely streets
Only you can command
A glance takes my breath
A smile, a crush kept
All these words scatter
Like butterflies afraid
Your gorgeous mind
Devours them before
They tell you
You’re beautiful.


I’m a professional software technical writer who started writing “enigmatic poly-paradoxical” micro poetry in May 2019 on Twitter. I’m the father of twin seventeen-year-old teenagers, love Jazz & Rock music (vinyl LPs), astronomy, science fiction books and films, skiing, golfing, and gardening. I co-designed and built a home in Half Moon Bay, California – I’m originally from Rhode Island. My favorite movies are Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey” and Krzysztof Kieslowski’s “The Double Life of Véronique”; my favorite authors are: Iain Banks, CJ Cherryh, Elizabeth Bear, Peter Watts, Linda Nagata, Samuel Delany, Melissa Scott, and John Wright.

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