“We determine our destiny by the actions we take today.”
-Catherine Pulsifer

Are all things predestined for us? How much value do our actions really hold if that is indeed the case?

Since the start of humanity, there has always been a debate about how much control do we have in our lives over our future. Many even argue that if we cannot fight fate, why even try? Why make any effort?

Of course, that line of thinking begs the question that if everything is pre-written for us, what exactly is our role?

The first thing I would say is controlling the probability of things. Outcomes may not always be in our hands but there’s nothing stopping us from increasing the chances for something.

For example, you could be the safest driver on the road. But a drunk driver or someone running a red traffic light could still hurt you. Yet if you do your duty of being a good citizen by wearing your seatbelt and complying with traffic laws, it certainly increases your chances of avoiding trouble.

Perhaps you’ve underestimated how difficult a college exam is. But you can still go the extra mile and study harder regardless of how easy or hard you think it’ll be so you’re prepared either way. But if you avoid studying all together, it almost guarantees a negative result.

The second thing I feel that can determine the severity of a bad situation is our actions and reactions after adversity strikes us.
Once something bad happens to us, we cannot go back in time and change it. We can however control our perspective and proceed accordingly.

If we lose a loved one, do we go on grieving for several years afterwards or choose to smile over pleasant memories after the initial mourning period?

We cannot control the universe. But we can certainly do our part of surrounding it with precaution and optimism. We can increase or decrease the probability of something and we can control our approach to the aftermath.
Whatever is in our control should be cherished and taken full advantage of.

How do you feel about fate and destiny? How much control do we actually have? Share your thoughts and experiences by commenting below.

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