“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.”

In several of my previous articles, I’ve talked about expressing gratitude for both big and little things in life. But have you ever considered being thankful for what you want or need but don’t have?

One of the most recent exercises I’ve been doing the past couple of weeks is transferring my affirmations to my gratitude list. For example, if I need a new part for my laptop, I say “I’m thankful for the new hard drive I’m going to receive.”

How is that effective? It kills two birds with one stone. I’ve written several articles on the benefits of self-affirmations. What this exercise does is combine the affirmation with one more thing to show gratitude for.

When I woke up this morning, I had a plan to make homemade donuts. So after being thankful for waking up under a stable roof and with clothes on my back (never take that for granted), I said “I am thankful for the delicious donuts I will have later today.”

For one thing, it’s always a good thing to communicate more with a higher power, be it God or the universe. Secondly, it helps plant the image of what I seek more firmly in my mind. Read about the benefits of the latter in my article about self-affirmations here.

So does it work? My donuts came out much better than the last time I tried to make them. Is there any better evidence than sweet donuts?

In all seriousness though, it certainly doesn’t hurt to try the exercise. If you’re a regular reader of my articles (and if you are, thank you for that), you know that I would never advise anything with even a hint if a negative side effect.

Like anything else, there’s no risk to it. But should it be even the least bit efficacious, possibilities are endless.

How do you feel about showing gratitude for things you don’t have? Do you think it has any benefits? Do you think it helps in communicating more with a higher power? Share your thoughts and experiences by commenting below on our secure servers.

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Hi, I'm Neel! I'm a writer (fiction and poetry), a journalist and currently working in the advertising business. I'm also a mental health advocate, having been diagnosed with clinical depression a few years ago.

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