Losing a Loved One – Part 2

“If only are eyes saw souls instead of bodies, how different would our ideals of beauty be?”


In a previous post, I had talked about dealing with deaths of loved ones. To summarize that post, I had written about how to keep loving the person that’s gone. I would like to expand on that thought a litte more today.

I’ve always believed that souls do not die, only bodies do. And having loving memories of the deceased keeps them alive, spirutually.

That said, we do have to learn to accept that they will never be with us again physically and that can be difficult to cope with at times.

A few years ago, I lost my fiancee to a horrific tragedy. Everybody around me kept telling me to think of the good times with her and how much joy she brought in my life. In the long run, however, that proved to be somewhat of a conflict for me.

I would stare at her picture sometimes and reminisce for hours. The problem was coming back to reality because each time I did so, she was no longer there.

After speaking about this matter to several people, including a therapist who I am still in touch with till this day, I learned how to cope with it with embracing a specific ideology:

The intangible is as powerful and meaningful as the tangible. The lack of being able to touch something or someone does not devalue their presence in our lives.

Admittedly, this takes time to embrace or even believe it, especially if you’re not a particularly spiritual person.

But this doesn’t just apply spiritually. Due to technology, the world is getting smaller and smaller. We now interact with people all over the world who we may never see in person.

The Daily Wisdom Words website itself is potpourri of wonderful writers and poets most of whom have never interacted face to face. And yet, the result is beautiful.

If we learn to accept that a physical presence is not always necessary, it can give us solace both spiritually and practically.

How do you deal with the loss of a loved one? Do you miss their physical presence? Do you feel them around you spiritually? Give your opinions by commenting bellow.

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