“At the end of the day it’s not about what you have…it’s about who you’ve lifted up, who you’ve made better. It’s about what you’ve given back.”
-Denzel Washington

If you’re a frequent reader of my posts (and a huge thank you to you if you are), you’ll notice that one of the things I routinely stress on is paying it forward, especially if it doesn’t take much effort or time. And even if it does, knowing you’ve helped someone goes a long way with your conscious.

I can say for a fact that various shout outs, acceptance emails, compliments, etc from members of the writing community have not only lifted up my spirits on more than one occasion but on a couple of occasions, also saved me from depression seizures which I get when I’m triggered really badly.

With the current situation, there’s a lot more time on our hands than we’d like. Most people I know I are using the time to binge watch TV series. But if you’re a writer like myself or even just an avid reader, I have a list of writers who I strongly recommend checking out across various platforms.

If this post is appreciated by the majority of our wonderful members, I will consider making this a weekly feature.

Firstly, I have to give a huge shout out to members of our own DWW family: Samantha LeBoeuf and Shirley Satterfield. I’m sure most of you have read their posts on this site but be sure to check out their poetry as well. They’re both excellent poets and never fail to pour their heart out when they write. Each word they write tugs at the heartstrings and never lets go.

With that, here is the beginning of a list of writers that I consistently look up to in the online writing community:

Terri Harrington: Terri is someone I’m proud to call not only a very good writer but a good friend as well. She’s an excellent writer of fiction and the occasional (though very good) poetry. I have no hesitation in saying that whenever I want to add moments of suspense to my fiction writing, I keep her work as a reference point in the back of my mind. Check her out on Twitter @SmartyMarty1126 and on her website at http://terrihomeblog.wordpress.com.

Kristin Garth: Kristin is a fantastic poet and is a genius at taking incidents from her life and weaving them into intriguing narratives via her poetry. I first discovered her through her sonnets (a format of poetry she gave a new standard to) but then went on to discover that she carries the same magic across all formats and genres. She’s also written a number of chapbooks. Check her out @lolaandjolie and on http://kristingarth.com.

Neil Clark: Neil is someone that I’ve constantly looked at with admiration and early on, even thought, that’s the kind of writer I want to be. Later, I learned from his writing that it’s better be yourself because when you try to emulate someone that good, you end up becoming a second-rate rip-off. Still, if you want to learn how to articulate every word you write that it resonates with readers, Neil is the writer to learn from. Check him out @NeilRClark and on http://neilclarkwrites.wordpress.com.

Tianna G. Hansen: In my very first interaction with Tianna on Twitter, I had told her that her writing was so vivid, it plays out like a movie in the reader’s mind. That was over two years ago and that element of her writing has only gotten stronger since. Similar to the case with Neil’s writing, early on I was thinking of ways to emulate her style but then quickly realized that would be biting off way more than I can chew in a lifetime. Her online magazine, Rhythm & Bones, was one of the top publications on my bucket list to published in and I was extremely fortunate to be able to cross that off on more than one occasion. I’m also privileged enough to have the opposite happen; her work is a big attraction and and a major propeller of my upcoming anthology, (shameless plug, ha ha!) She Who Survived. A Queen Midas of writing, editing and a tireless supporter of independent writers and publications, check her and her work out @Tiannag92 and on http://creativetianna.com.

Jamie Routley: Jamie is not only one of the best writers I know but also one of the kindest souls I’ve ever encountered on social media. Her countless plugs and shout out of other writers, especially writers of Daily Wisdom Words, never fail to pick me up when I’m feeling down. Her words have placed a smile on my face even on the worst of days. Even till this day, I always think if I can cheer up even one person for every ten people Jamie motivates, it’s all thanks to her inspiring words. Check her out on Twitter @bioniocanadian.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg. As I mentioned earlier, if this post is well received, I’ll continue making these kinds of lists once a week.

Who do you follow in the independent writing community? Do you have a favorite writer or publication? What kind of content do you usually like to read and why? Share your thoughts and experiences by commenting below on our secure servers.

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bionicanadian (@guest_5592)
11 months ago

Oh my God, Neel your words absolutely touched my soul. You are a kind heart, uplifting more than you know. Your words always profound. You’re the bridge that gaps all the layers. You deserve all the shout outs, why you may ask? I like the world knowing there are creative souls, who are truly kind, and lay their words on the line without fear. For they truly represent what this community, stands for….Kindness xx

Shirley Satterfield (@shirleymandelsatterfield)
11 months ago

Thank you Neel. I want to also give a shoutout to Samantha and all the other fine writers on Twitter, Facebook and #dailywisdomwords who all inspire me. I want to pay it forward too by publishing a print anthology featuring poets, like my friends Wendy on Twitter and Annie who I know from church who have never seen their words in print the joy of having a voice too. I am brimming with joy myself and cannot keep all these good experiences all to myself. Opportunity is meant to be shared.

Terri Harrington (@guest_5554)
11 months ago

I am sure to seek out @simonpsychosis’ writing each day. His stories an be dark, full of murder, or absolutely hilarious. His poetry is amazing.
There are several other writers who I look for each day, including your, Neel. Your poetry demonstrates your truth and I find my own feelings in those poems.

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