Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect

“Practice makes perfect.”


We all are familiar with today’s quote. While origins of it are debatable, it’s generally believed that it first appeared in the English language in “The Diary and Autobiography of John Adams” around 1760.

Since then, it’s had its 15 minutes of fame and it’s time for us to retire it.

We now understand that a conception like perfection can never exist.

Firstly, because perfection is largely subjective. What’s the perfect car to drive? What’s the perfect house to live in? What’s the perfect movie or book?

Ask these questions to multiple people and you’ll get multiple opinions.

Secondly, should perfection really exist, society would never grow and evolve as no one would strive to aim higher. It would bring forth a dangerous sense of complacency.

Practice doesn’t make perfect. Practice makes for improvement. And room for improvement is boundless.

Nobody can be perfect. But we can all get better in any endeavor we choose so as long as we strive for it.

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