Respect in Relationships

Respect in Relationships

“Without respect, love is lost.”


Sometimes I wonder that, outside of blood relatives, what starts a relationship with someone?

If we talk about strictly romantic relationships, one could argue that it’s attraction. But what about after that?

And how does friendship start?

In my opinion, it’s respect. To me, you can only have genuine affection for someone, romantic or platonic, if you respect them.

Think about this. We often argue and fight with family members as do we with friends.

And we often make up afterward. What makes us do so? Why does our love not diminish?

Because we still respect those people.

And in circumstances in which there’s no rectification, it’s likely due to losing respect for that person.

But that’s me and how my mindset usually works.

I would love to know what others think. If not respect, what do you think keeps love for someone going?

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