Rewarding yourself

Rewarding yourself

“Some things are worth the splurge.”

-Actress Kiernan Shipka

There are times in life when you have to take the time to reward yourself.

Doing so not only makes you feel good but also helps keep up self-confidence.

It also motivates you to keep going on a journey in which certain goals may take a little longer attain.

I often liken it to a cheat meal in a diet.

With that, also comes a responsibility not to overdo it of course.

Firstly, that wouldn’t be a sound financial decision (unless you’re Jeff Bezos).

Secondly, it reduces the significance of the rewards.

But every once in a while, as a popular cosmetics brand likes to say, you have to take the time to tell yourself, “You’re worth it..”

Do you ever splurge or reward yourself after a particularly ardous task? Join this discussion by commenting below.

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