“Our bodies are our gardens. Our wills are our gardeners.”

– William Shakespeare

One of the more rapid endorsements that seem to be on the rise in recent years, especially in the midst of an opioid epidemic, is the use or at least inclusion of natural supplements in place of pharmaceutical drugs.

While the actual philosophy seems to be have two definitive schools of thoughts, either holistic medication works or it doesn’t, the effectiveness seems to be much more ambiguous.

Some claim it’s worked wonders for them, others say it helps but doesn’t treat the problem. And still others who say it’s had little or no effect that is of any significance to talk about.

Given the postive feedback I’ve received of my other two-part topics, I’m taking a similar route with this issue.

In tomorrow and Wednesday’s post, I’ll attempt to look into this issue in great depth and examine where do definitive facts about natural supplements end and at what point does the ambiguity start to creep in.

In the meantime, I would love to hear your thoughts. What are your thoughts on alternative medicine? Can it co-exist without conflict with pharmaceutical drugs? Share your thoughts and experiences by commenting below.

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Shirley Satterfield (@shirleymandelsatterfield)
1 year ago

I don’t see any reason why not. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Half of healing involves faith in the medicine.

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