Social Media – Part 2

Social Media – Part 2

“You are responsible for everything you post [on social media] and everything you post will be a reflection of you.”
-Germany Kent

Yesterday, I shared my thoughts on whether social media itself is the root to several conflicts or is it the way we choose to utilize it. To continue on the same train of though, here are a few tips that will, if not completely avoid, at least steer you in the a more positive direction when interacting on social media.

1. Be clear about whatever you’re posting.
We all have the freedom of speech and the right to express our opinions. But with that comes a responsibility that whatever we say, we must say with the right amount of thought and in the right context. Otherwise, our opinions will neither be respected nor taken seriously.

2. Avoid getting into a “cat fight” with someone.
Let me be clear about this: If someone is abusing you, by all means defend yourself. It’s your right to do so and is important to maintain your self-respect. That said, it’s also important to remember that trolls only have one objective in mind: To get you stirred up. If you end up going in circles, it’s best to drop it or take it offline because no matter what you say, trolls won’t stop their tirade nor will they be convinced otherwise.

3. Don’t try to read too much into someone you haven’t met in person.
Is online romance possible? Indeed, it is. But until romantic feelings are confirmed by both people, never assume someone feels a specific way about you simply by their written words. I can’t tell you the number of times friends have told me how they met a “great guy or girl online” and “it’s getting serious” only to later find out that one of them misunderstood the extent of other’s fondness for them. More “relationships” on social media tend to end badly than not.

4. At some point, detox.
In many ways, this is the hardest tip to follow especially if your career or the success of your website or brand depends on social media interaction. Nevertheless, at some point, everyone needs a break. The mental exhaustion that a social media addiction causes can be severely dangerous in the long run which will effect both you as well as whatever you’re trying to promote negatively. Taking a break will also allow you to clear your head and make sure your feet are still firmly planted on the ground.

While nothing is a guarantee, psychologists and mental health experts generally believe that by incorporating the tips above, you have a better chance of having an overall more positive experience on social media.

Do you agree with the tips above? Do you have tips of your own that you specifically follow? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

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