Suicide Prevention

“Suicide doesn’t take away the pain, it just gives it to someone else.”


While I’ve written about suicide before in a previous post, I thought it would be appropriate to expand on it in light of National Suicide Prevention Week.

In my family, there have been two cases of suicide. And although I was fortunate to be spared of the trauma afterwards, since they both occurred before I was even born, their tales have taught me a thing or two about the subject.

The first thing I have come to understand is that suicidal thoughts can come to anybody no matter how strong they are mentally if their back is against the wall. Both individuals in my family who killed themselves were described as strong-willed, independent individuals who would normally never back down from any conflict.

And yet, they did ultimately. When listening to their stories from other relatives, I came to conclude that nobody is invulnerable from mental trauma. So if someone you know is going through desperate times, don’t ever assume something like “They’ll be fine. They’re too strong to do something drastic.”

The second I’ve learned is that while going through turbulent times, it’s easy to assume we’re the only ones. Our problems are so stressful that are minds become centralized to our own lives and we shut out the world around us.

And while that’s perfectly normal, it’s important to remember that we’re never alone. Knowing that and acknowledging that can give us a fresh perspective. Sometimes, all you have to do is try reaching out to someone. If not someone you know, then counselors or a hotline. Just saying your issues out loud can sometimes make a tremendous difference.

I am not a mental health expert by any means. I certainly can’t say definitively that the being aware of the above two points will make things better. But they won’t make things worse, that’s for sure. And the probability of them having some sort of effect, even a minor one, is far greater than not. And when dealing with suicidal tendancies, every little preventive measure is worth exploring.

If you’re ever in doubt about anything, the smallest measure you can take is to call the Suicide Prevention Hotline:


Have you ever lost a friend or family member to suicide? Have you ever dealt with someone who has suicidal tendancies? How do you cope with it? Share your thoughts by commenting below.


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