The Past and the Aftermath

The Past and the Aftermath

“We are products of our past but we don’t have to be prisoners of it.”
-Rick Warren

Can a bad past be erased by a great present or great future? It can’t.

But neither can a bad past prevent you from leading a good future.

We all have instances in our lives which have been traumatizing and pivotal.

That cannot be changed nor should it as each trial and tribulation is a learning experience.

But at the same time, we should never let the past, no matter how bad it was, hinder our future.

There is no situation that you cannot get out of with the exception of death.

Some circumstances are obviously more time difficult to get out of than others.

But once you do get out of one, the steps you take in the aftermath are up to you.

Let’s take an example where ostensibly, a solid future seems impossible.

If someone is a registered sex offender because of something wrong they did years ago, finding a decent job is no doubt, going to be difficult even if they’ve served the time and genuinely changed.

But there are programs that help people in that situation and teach them how to conduct themselves afterwards to show evidence of their changes and find a job. And once they do get a job, even one that is not perceived as respectable like that of a custodian, they are taught to go the extra mile to display their sincerety.

Sometimes, it takes them more than one job to prove it. It’s definitely a stop and go process. But the “go” has always been there.

Similarly, addicts who blow away their finances and reputations to fulfill their addiction needs (irrespective of the drug of choice) need to work extra hard to convince those around them that they’re clean and sober.

So yes, your past definitely lowers the probability of being happy again.

But probabilities are just that. They’re probabilities, not impossibilities.

Certain roads will be blocked for us that may be open to others because of our past.

But there’s always another route even if’s longer and has more bumps along the way.

Do you believe in second chances no matter what happened in the past? Is there any situation you feel is impossible to get out of? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

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1 year ago

Great perspectivess!!!

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