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Author, Neil David Chan brings a spiritual, metaphysical enlightening book to the table in this deep, meaningful book, A Higher Conversation-Another Way To Be Human.  The book is written in a literal, philosophical, knowledgeable composition made up of three parts:  the mind, physical body and soul.  According to Chan, most of us operate using only our mind and body, without connecting to a third pat of who we are, our soul.

Chan believes, our soul is a way to tap into many answers in life including our physical health, answers to humanity and evolution, cure for depression, violence connected to an attachment, to separation, money and material possessions which absorbs the majority of our species today.  Much of Chan’s Book,  ‘A Higher Conversation-Another Way To Be Human” uses examples from the Bible, Big Bang Theory and history itself.  Chan uses his favorite passages from the Bible  as part of answers given by our “ancient ancestors” in the the old and New Testaments.

I was in awe of Chan’s gift using analogies, acronyms and solid, understandable examples supporting his explanation of some of life’s most complex concepts when having conversations with his soul.  Chan does an outstanding job painting a picture of just how powerful one of humanities biggest issues  “separation”  preceding a multitude of issues on a global scale beginning with our own family unit can be.  Chan believes and makes legitimate points backed with thousands of years of history how this “separation” started which has lead us on a path of destiny pursuing more “possessions”, which we do not take with us when we die.

Chan suggests that without connecting to our soul, which is a choice made daily, we operate in our lives with only our mind and body.  By never connecting with our own soul, the third and most integral part of who we are, begins separation from our family leading to a separation from knowledge which can be gained and solved in our lifetime living a life full of peace, joy and fulfillment  We are separated from this because of this lack of connection to our third, cohesive part, our soul.

Chan also makes the point of “color” simply  being  six elements of pigment based on how close we live to the equator adjusting in lightness or darkness for our need for folic acid and vitamin D.  The color of one’s skin should have no impact on who we are as people and our equality shouldn’t play a role either.  Our color to our soul is a non-issue because the soul recognizes only the Language of “feeling”.

It took me thirteen hours to read this book because I found myself reading many parts of it with sheer fascination  and awe in Chan’s ability to provide answers to the worlds most complex yet fundamental  issues starting within one’s soul connected to mind and body as a whole.  On a  personal note, Chan’s book gave answers I needed to explain more of myself and experiences I’ve had in the past.  Because of this, I felt myself connecting  to Chan’s book in a way I normally don’t connect or relate with when doing a book review.

I want to point out that I myself have spoken to my own soul I believe after reading this book.  I have done so without recognizing it was my soul.  I simply use the word “God” instead of soul.  This voice of feeling revealed answers until my last ten years of disconnection from my soul without even realizing I had done so.  Chan’s book, A Higher Conversation,-Another Way To Be Human, gave me answers to the voice inside who spoke to me through feeling with answers for intellectual and spiritually meaningful questions I asked.  I immediately began receiving answers to questions I have asked myself in the past.

Our soul speaks in a voice of feeling which came from a voice at the time I didn’t recognize so I began tuning this voice out.  Chan remarkably did the  honor of having me review his book because of past personal experiences. I had moved away from the voice of my own soul years ago not comprehending at the time what or who was speaking to me.  I will now choose to move toward it, because I read this book and do believe much of what I have read in Chan’s book.    

I was beyond impressed with Chan’s ability to simplify highly debated concepts in today’s world with logical answers given to him from his own conversation with his soul which he practices connecting with over time, tuning into his soul as we do a radio frequency.  We are either “reacting or creatively moving forward” depending on which illusion we operate in or our alternate realities.

Chan believes our bodies are born “perfect” and we even have the ability to live 400 years as our ancient ancestors did if we remain focused on a higher plane of consciousness through spiritual metaphysics.  Human cells are rebuilding, and multiplying constantly and eternal life can be found through a higher level of thinking, when the soul, mind and body are operating collectively.  Chan suggests, We must center ourselves to connect our mind and body with our soul as one and we do not have to “do” anything to “get” anything.

Chan also states that possession, color, and separation are playing the majority role in our world today. We alternate between roles of villain and villainess reversing these roles. Ofter times we are creating different illusions through these roles. Illusion is sheer attachment to money, leading to division, separation, health and aging based on “ideology  and human concept”.   

Chan states we use “technology” that is ultimately wiping out evolution and its prime directive.  According to answers Neil Chan has received from his soul, “we do not have much time”.  We need to make changes and make them efficiently, and quickly. We need to think of ourselves as part of a collective “sum”  to connect to one another in this universe.

This book is filled with so much knowledge and  power which we can find through humility and humanity, insight, vision, and wisdom which supports a future and also envisions our future without change.   Chan has gained insight  in his wold travels finding that 6,000 plus different languages throughout the world are overrated when communicating.  In fact, language again, promotes separation.  I have done many reviews but few have given me the insight Neil Chan’s book,

“A Higher Conversation-Another Way To Be Human”  has in a way I understood.

This book gets a review of five stars for its insight, answers, alternatives offered and simplicity in explanation to coexist as a small part of a whole part.  The wisdom shared in this book will give answers to fundamental questions we all ask.  It is my opinion this book therefore receive our highest honor, five stars.   

Purchase now on Amazon to see your own future in connection with insight drawn from Neil David Chan’s Book, “A Higher Conversation, Another Way To be Human” and begin a conversation by tuning into your soul now, before it is too late to do so.

REVIEW:  *****


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ReenieReid1 (@reeniereid1)
4 months ago

5.0 out of 5 starsVerified Purchase Read this book! Reviewed in the United States on November 11, 2020 This is an incredible book. I highly recommend it, I learn a lot about the different types of religion and cultures and how they started. The best part is it helped me with my anxiety by letting me open my soul and have a conversation on a daily basis with it. All mankind would benefit if they learned this. I never let a day go by where I don’t talk to my soul. I could continue with all the things it taught… Read more »

Shirley Satterfield (@shirleymandelsatterfield)
4 months ago

Sounds fascinating 🤨 Going to get a copy. Looking forward to reading it.

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