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The Omega Chronicles

The Omega Chronicles

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BOOK TITLE:  The Omega Chronicles

AUTHOR:  Mark Carnelley

REVIEW:  The Omega Chronicles is a fascinating book about life after the destruction of Earth from a enormous dust cloud originally discovered by scientists in 1962.  Thought only to be a blip on the radar, 55 years later, This speck of dust hits the earth with fury covering it in an enormous cloud, killing almost everything on it.  One man survives, and this book chronicles his life, as a pilot, in Antartica seeing the aftermath and destruction of earth as he knew it.  This story tells of his travels, to get to the Northwest Territories, a place he can call home.  It charts all of the devastation he sees along the way;  All the bodies of tragic lives lost, in city after city and the drastic effect it has on him emotionally, being the only surviving being.  He finally arrives at the Northwest Territories, where he builds a home for himself.  A primitive log cabin, and all the supplies he needs, from nearby empty storefronts.  

What makes this story a must read, is the creativity of the Author, Mark Carnelley in thinking up all logical aspects of an aftermath of death of the earth and one life remaining.  He uses so much logic to show the afterlife of this tragedy, and so much emotion, to show how it would affect one man, should he remain in our day and time.  Mark Carnelley tells a story that one cannot put down once they start reading it, from the perspective of one character throughout the book, chronicling his life in his mid sixties, when he finally dies.  Prior to his death, he watches as Mother Nature brings life back slowly;  the trees, fish and birds, and grass and he is even able to grow crops.  He continues to look for bears, but does not see them during his lifetime, and ironically, it is bears that find his body after death.

The book ends with one last surprise.  A must read for any  kind of reader.  I found, I could not put it down once picking it up.  Mark Carnelley does an amazing job at painting a post apocalyptic life through the lifetime of a grown man and all the devastation he sees during his lifetime.

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