Poetry For The Soul

Hello again, Dear Reader. For this week’s installment, I am trying something quite different. With the desire to offer you inspiration in dark days, I have selected some poetry for your perusal.

Being a novice at writing poetry, I have been trying my hand at Japanese-style poetry. Many are likely familiar with the Haiku. This style of poetry consists of three lines containing 5, 7 and 5 syllables to equal a total of 17 syllables. Some may not be familiar with the Japanese Tanka. This poetry consists of 31 syllables containing five lines with 5, 7, 5, 7 and 7 syllables, respectively.

It is my intention that in reading some of this poetry, a sense of hope may overtake confusion and frustration even if for only a little while. So without further explanation, I present for your enjoyment a bit of poetry to soothe the soul. I will begin by presenting one of my favorite poets, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and a poem that has inspired me since my early teen years, A Psalm Of Life…


Now I will share part of my heart with you, Dear Reader, and humbly offer you my words…


As the seasons pass
The mystery of life smiles
Trusting the future


An open heart gives
Joyfully sharing its light
Revealing brilliance


Colors bursting forth
All possibilities near
The future reclaimed


December in bloom
Sunshine warms this desert land
Winter upon us


No guards at the keep
All battlements are removed
Moments now are safe


Paths not clearly seen
A perilous journey made
Traversing forward


Just left of center
Here to offer up a smile
Misfit but standing


Although the sky laughed
And the cold did steal within
Warmth returned again




The rains wash the land
Lady bugs bees and birds know
Comforts such as these
Shoots of green still holding on
Nature’s embrace wild and free


Eyes fixed on a star
We embrace this mystery
Unknowns accepted
Clinging to one another
Knowing we possess true wealth


Marking off time
I watched the threads unravel
My soul was exposed
Quickly moving for cover
Here I saved myself at last


Watching from above
Whilst painting a stand of trees
Willows pines and firs
Whispering sweet songs to me
Awaiting something sacred


Pastures of yellow
Mountains cling tight to fog
Biting winds whip past
Gray overcast skies above
The grip of Winter tightens


Faithfulness as guide
Resilience rewarded
Suffering relieved
On these shores I rest my head
Amid the foam and moonlight


After the deluge
When hope dangled like a twig
At the twelfth hour
The voice of fate softly spoke
Lending kindness to lost souls


In closing, Dear Reader, I remind you to please endeavor to keep your love and hope alive. I wish for you endless inspiration as you face your daily challenges. Be not disheartened. The winds of change always blow.

As always, please feel free to comment below in “Join The Discussion”…I do check back throughout the week for your questions, thoughts and comments. Until next time, Dear Reader, please stay strong, safe and healthy! Cheers!








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