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Hello again, Dear Reader. This week’s topic is about seeking your inner self. The paths of life are many; there are numerous demands and choices we must face in our lives. The  variety of roles we must play are many. Oftentimes, the many hats we wear can be exhausting. These daily demands and challenges can interfere with what many may call, “finding oneself”…seeking that core of us that is unique but connected. Let’s take a closer look.




Our Roles:

I believe that seeking your inner self is often in direct opposition to maintaining all the responsibilities we collect. We collect these chores as part of our larger desires…desires for a family, a home, a career, vacations, toys…all these desires have a price. As our material desires are fulfilled, we trade some portion of our peace of mind. This is often the case because we must run at a faster pace to  keep up with the demands we have  accumulated. We juggle these identities of father, mother, sister, brother, career person but we tend to neglect our spiritual self.

To be a householder in our modern world means sacrifice and responsibility. With family members each having their own agenda (their own desires and needs),  a person may find themselves treading water, trying to hold on until the next deluge. This leaves little time for self reflection. Seeking your inner self is often put on a back burner while chores are tended to…not a perfect recipe for enlightenment. Therefore, actively making time to seek your inner self can seem almost impossible. However, this is a worthy endeavor that can truly enhance one’s life.



Making Time:

Making time for self improvement is something we must strive for. Of course, we can’t actually make time…what we have to do is shift some of our priorities and place ourselves at the top of the list. This is much easier said than done. I’m not suggesting to switch to an ego-centered, selfish persona. However, I do believe that many of us not only put ourselves last, oftentimes we are not even on the list. I’ve done this for a great deal of my life and I do not recommend it.


Seeking your inner self requires that you do place yourself somewhere in your life- equation. You can’t help others if you are depleted and frazzled. Therefore, it is imperative that some down time involving self care and self soothing is present.



Self Care:

Self care requires that one actively seeks a place in life for a spiritual journey. It is indeed a journey, and along the way one can achieve peace and respite. Yet, for this journey to ensue, one must have the resolve necessary to pursue self awareness. But, one must not only pursue self realization but also embrace the unknown and let go of attachments. We must wrench our shelves free ourselves of attachments and desire the esoteric rather the material.



Self Improvement:

How we go about seeking our inner self can be quite varied. Exercise, yoga, and meditation can be the desired end result we strive to achieve. However, successfully adding these to our daily routine takes time…I like to think of it as baby steps. I began this spiritual journey when I was 21 and much has changed since that time. What hasn’t changed is my commitment to nourishing my soul. Let’s look at some steps one can take towards self realization.

Write It:

Writing down the questions we have regarding our spirituality can be a good first step towards seeking your inner self. The age-old questions such as, “What is my purpose?”, “What goals do I wish to achieve?”, “What dreams do I have?”, “Are these dreams attainable?”, “What motivates me?” and, “What are my passions?”…these questions can be written down in order to operationalize our desires. Keeping these goals in the forefront of our lives can help us to prioritize our existence. Knowing what our values and beliefs are can help cement our identity with integrity.



Live It:

Living the life of a seeker can be difficult. Seeking your inner self requires tactics and strategies … a plan of action. Writing things down in and of itself will not get you the peace of mind you may be seeking. As I’ve written previously here on DWW, exercise, yoga, breathing techniques and meditation are all options when seeking oneself. Physical exercise should be tailored to individual needs and not be excessive. Yoga requires small steps as well, working your way towards more complex postures. Breathing techniques help ameliorate daily stresses and are also varied. Meditation takes many forms and trying some of the different types to find a good fit may take time. Please refer to previous DWW articles for further explanation regarding these techniques.



Seeking your inner self is life long journey. Defining your goals, dreams and values help with personal edification.  Furthermore, exercise, yoga, breathing techniques and meditation can enhance one’s ability to juggle the many role we take on in life. When we are able to manage our choices, we find a way through the householder lifestyle towards the lifestyle of a seeker.


As always, Dear Reader, please feel free to leave comments and/or questions below in “Join the discussion”. I check back throughout the week to look for your thoughts. Until next time, stay safe and healthy. Cheers!







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