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Welcome to Daily Wisdom Words, an international community of literature that strives to provide you the correct tools and platform to help reach your full potential as a writer. Thank you immensely for signing up.

If you have not done so, please tell us about yourself by filling out your profile. You can do this by simply clicking on top right-hand corner profile picture and click on “Edit Profile.” This will connect you to a wonderful community of other readers and writers. We here at Daily Wisdom Words take immense pride in the fact that we are not just a run-of-the-mill social media site where you simply upload a picture and a 15-word description and hope others will follow you or shower your content with “likes.” We strive to connect with everyone on a personal level and want to get to know you as do all the other members.

Get in touch with other members. Connect with them by visiting their profiles and sending them a friend request. This can be done at

After you fill out your profile and browse around, you’ll notice that we offer a lot of features and content both for reading as well as growing as a writer. Listed below are links to all our pages and descriptions of what they consist of.

First up, we have our Community Corner page. This is a page where all members can share their own writing to be published on the website. That’s right, no long waiting period here to email your work and wait for a response like many other publications. Once you’re a member, you are free to show your talent and magic with words anytime with us and other members. Take a look at

How our site differs from others in this space is that there’s usual BS, spam or annoying ads. Share your opinions freely. Create your own forums. Unlike other sites, we have invested a lot of time and money to ensure that our site caters to creativity and only creativity whether that’s writing, artwork, music, etc.

Next up we have our DWW Music Prompt page. Stuck with writer’s block? Enjoy a little music to get your groove on! This is the most fun and unique way to get some inspiration. Simply listen to the song posted by Monday Abuh and write a poem inspired by the song and post it in the comments section below. Visit that page here at

Another hotspot for inspiration is our oldest and the main Daily Wisdom Words page by our founder, Samantha LeBoeuf at Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Samantha takes an everyday word and examines it in a deeper context of our lives. After reading her articles on the word, members share their thoughts in the comments section by replying or writing a poem based on that word.

A picture is worth a thousand words and in a writer’s case, perhaps a thousand words of poetry, fiction, and/or CNF! Take a look at our picture prompt page at Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, our host Monday Abuh will upload a beautiful picture. YOU, the member, take it from there! What does that picture represent to you? What themes does it imbibe? How does it make you feel? Write about it in the comments section of the page.

Words, pictures and songs, what else? Quotes! Last but certainly not least, take a look at our Wisdomology page hosted by Neel Trivedi. Everyday, Neel takes a quote and analyzes it to see how it fits, or doesn’t, in a context that’s more relevant than ever before: mental health. Visit it here at

As you channel your writing and various platforms of inspiration for it, take a moment to read about and appreciate writers from the past at This page is curated by author Shirley Satterfield and is all about legendary writers from the past whose writings and actions paved the way for contemporary literature.

That’s just some of the features you can read about but what can we do for YOU?

Take a look at our brand new WisdomsWords store that is now bigger and better than ever. Some of the services we offer are custom-written poetry, framed, presented in the most elegant font and delivered right to the doorstep. We also sell books by our staff as well as other members and you could be a potential author here as well! For details on these items and much, much more, visit

Have a question? Feel free to connect with our staff at anytime for a quick and usually, LIVE, response:

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