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For my sister

by: Sarah The hardest part of loving, is learning to let go. Watching them grow; teaching them lessons. Giving advice, sprouting seeds that glimmer and shine. Letting go of part…

Guilty feelings

by: Sarah To watch them depart and detach, Telling myself it won’t last. This faze their minds now in; Will be gone tomorrow, perhaps their sorrow is partially my fault…

Moving forward

by: Sarah Forgiveness is key to becoming free. Solitude and clarity where among bravery. Each wall I built, from years of pain. Throughout time I learned to gain. Not to…

Sins of the heart

by: Sarah Endless torture, Enraptured. Agonizing screams, Caged. Breaking free, A flightless flight. Trapped within, A timeless grin. Two bodies engage; A boldly sin. Mastering the hearts Desire.

Sins of the heart

by: Sarah Endless torture, Enraptured. Agonizing screams, Caged. Breaking free, A flightless flight. Trapped within, A timeless grin. Two bodies engage; A boldly sin. Mastering the hearts Desire.

Life’s creation

by: Sarah I’m that beautiful Disaster. Created from life’s Tragic mistakes. Surrounded by misfits And fakes. Timing changes Everything. From wrinkles, the grass, Even trees; Depending on how one Sees….

Baby girl

by: Sarah Tiny fingers and tiny Toes. Dimples appear in The folds. A baby today, A girl tomorrow. Loving you has completed Me. I hope you’re every bit The lady….

Toxic world

by: Sarah Toxic insight, Poisoned minds. Little souls mangled, Before they shine. Eyes that hear. Heart’s of pain. Bitterness surrounding. No place grounded. A perfect world, a perfect Place. Real…


by: Sarah Oh how time Flies. Sure as season’s Change. The leaves begin to fall. The song bird sings, As she leaves. Promising tomorrow She will bring.

Child loss

by: Sarah Normal they say… Feelings put on Display. I see you, In all that I Do. Walking down the Street. A child falling Asleep. From each strand of Hair….


by: Sarah I have a gift, Most unique. I love to teach. Unfortunate, in a world , Of misunderstanding. Right from wrong , So to speak. Lessons learned , As…


by: Sarah Voices echo all around, As visions appear. Now locked and bound. There’s no escape. A personal state. No one to care, only point and stare. Daily feeding consists…


by: Sarah Once so vibrant And free. A spirit so beautiful even She could not see. Years of tare, And through the ware. She lost her place… To watch: and…

Family values

by: Sarah What a display As the foolish fall Prey. From outside one sees Such brutality. A house of lies, with secrets to Hide. Select, chosen are among the Few….

Cherish life

by: Sarah Taken by time, Lost in thoughts of Paradise. A solution today, Becomes a burden tomorrow. Scars that seep. As time plays cheap. One piece down, Another crowned. Pawns…

Our love

by: Sarah Hands that crept intoxicated With doubt. Flames that rage, as we ignite Each round. A addition like never before. As these hands at times haven’t been felt before…

For my babies

by: Sarah In a world full of hateful politically correct foolishness, I want you to understand and remember your roots. People only see you from the outside looking in. The…

Paving the way

by: Sarah Paving roads and, laying seeds. Wrinkled hands, sewing threads A lost soul among the world Mending wounds, stitching and holding. Helpless I am, as time goes by. Letting…


by: Sarah Round and round The ticking goes… The hands of Time; Have reaped and sown… Words mean nothing; Entitlement everything … A cycle to repeat ; Unless seeds are…


by: Sarah Moving on into arms that turn abruptly… Each day is a new battle of wits; Which mind will withstand the brutality… You found peace within the package standing…


Author, Neil David Chan brings a spiritual, metaphysical enlightening book to the table in this deep, meaningful book, A Higher Conversation-Another Way To Be Human. The book is written in a literal, philosophical, knowledgeable composition made up of three parts: the mind, physical body and soul. According to Neil David Chan, most of us operate using only our mind and body, without connecting to a third pat of who we are, our soul.

The Sneezed

by: Guildford Windley The Sneezed __________________________ Di Di, Di Di, Di, Dic Di, Di, Dic, Dicta Di, Di. Dic, Dicta-tor _________________ Gesundheit _____________ Not all harmful viruses are covid-19 But…

The Storm

by: Kirky Trees straining at their roots while plastic bags wrap around their branches. Like stringless kites, lost without tears, discarded without thought. Leaves race with the wind, out paced…


by: Guildford Windley Words! ______________________ Capitalism Socialism Fascism Fundamentalism Utilitarianism Totalitarianism Why not just plain old Humanism Hate Pain Greed Lust Domination What of just loving Talk Scream Cry What…

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