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Author, Neil David Chan brings a spiritual, metaphysical enlightening book to the table in this deep, meaningful book, A Higher Conversation-Another Way To Be Human. The book is written in a literal, philosophical, knowledgeable composition made up of three parts: the mind, physical body and soul. According to Neil David Chan, most of us operate using only our mind and body, without connecting to a third pat of who we are, our soul.

The Sneezed

by: Guildford Windley The Sneezed __________________________ Di Di, Di Di, Di, Dic Di, Di, Dic, Dicta Di, Di. Dic, Dicta-tor _________________ Gesundheit _____________ Not all harmful viruses are covid-19 But…

The Storm

by: Kirky Trees straining at their roots while plastic bags wrap around their branches. Like stringless kites, lost without tears, discarded without thought. Leaves race with the wind, out paced…


by: Guildford Windley Words! ______________________ Capitalism Socialism Fascism Fundamentalism Utilitarianism Totalitarianism Why not just plain old Humanism Hate Pain Greed Lust Domination What of just loving Talk Scream Cry What…


by: Guildford Windley A message to a hero _________________________________________ Moonbeams pour from the darkening night They break upon the gentle waves that roll on a quiet sea under a blanket…


by: Guildford Windley Heartbeat _____________________ Heartbeat, Heartbeat The sound of new life Heartbeat, Heartbeat Hold you close to hear Heartbeat, Heartbeat A baby in my arms Two heartbeats as one…


by: Yasir Sulaiman This is the back-cover of up-coming novel; Fire. It is thriller that speaks about sensitive issues in the Indian sub-continent. Religion, politics and corruption are the main…

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