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A Cat Coffee and a Chair

A Cat Coffee and a Chair

by: Guildford Windley

A Cat Coffee and a Chair
This morning as I woke
The first thought that came to me, was coffee
Oh yes that’s what I need hot sweet coffee
To fill my need strong and black sweet coffee
I pulled myself from the bed, with thoughts of coffee in my head
I crawled upon the floor to the kitchen door
I pulled myself up into my chair at the breakfast table
As I sat there, my eyes still somewhat close
Before a cup of good old-fashion Joe
Yes a good black cup of Joe is what I need
As I pull the cup to my mouth
My eyes started to open wide
Oh to my surprise there were two eyes from the cup staring back at me
Oh it seems my sweet black cat Orion has beaten me to the coffee
There could never be a sweeter cup of coffee- it was Purr-fect
Now with that done another cup I have gain real coffee in my hand
To my favorite chair I go- oh no Gomez another black cat I know
He found a seat; I guess you know he is lying in my favorite chair
The look upon his face tells it all
Don’t even think of coming here
Oh well it’s back to my bed I go
I need the sleep more than any cup of coffee
Guildford H Windley
July 27, 2020

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