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A Haunting of Emotions

by: Guildford Windley

A Haunting of Emotions
As I sat there in the darkened room
At my desk was I, my only light was the flickering candles
That threw shadows on the wall nearby
As I wrote my confession for the crime that I have done
My thoughts drift to sweet Eloise, my love, oh what have I done.
In my rage of jealousy, I plunged a knife into her chest
For I feared I was losing her to some other man
She told me there was no other
But I would not believe her, for I saw him with her as they left the Miller’s place they walked down the street until they reach the corner, he hugged her and gave her a kiss upon the cheek.
This made my blood curdle and I went into a rage
I return to my home; there in my lonely room my anger at this betrayal grew stronger.
On the next eve, I went to Eloise home where I confronted her, I grab her and slapped her on the face and said to her, how could you betray me?
I can remember the look of terror in her eyes as she begs me not to hurt her, she said my God, please know, I have never betrayed you.
This is the last I remember as my anger boiled over at some point I took a knife and thrust it in her.
She fell within my arms, her face so pale and twisted with pain, she looked up to me and cry why have done this, after I gave you my heart.
I told her about seeing her depart the Millers house with another man.
She looked at me, with vengeance in her voice
You have taken my life for a brief encounter with a friend of mine. The man you saw, I have known since I was a child
His wife just died in childbirth, he was at the Miller’s because they’re relatives.
Upon my last breath, I put a curse on you that your uncontrolled anger will be your destruction she said to me.
Late that night I took her body, which I had placed in an old large burlap bag, down to the river, I put some heavy rocks inside the bag for weight, then I push her into cold dark waters and watch as she sank.
That was three weeks ago and I still feel so much bitterness that this curse has befallen me. The guilt I have is so great, but I must not let it get to me. So I came up with this Idea I will write out a confession to clear my soul of this dastardly deed, I will then burn it in the fireplace releasing me of her curse.
Now as I sit here my desk writing this all down I pause to take another sip of whiskey, I just realize I have been drinking whiskey all day, too much I fear.
Then I heard a noise and I looked up in the flickering of the candle lights, I could see a strange figure on the wall, is there someone there, I cried.
But, no there’s no one and there is no figure on the wall it must be my imagination at work, too much liquor in me I said.
Now I hear footsteps behind me and swiftly turn in my seat but there is no one there.
As I drank some more, I thought I hear a voice, could that be sweet Eloise returning from her watery grave. The sound of a voice seems to be coming from everywhere.
I heard more sounds as if someone was nearby but when I look no one was there
Now my anger started to stir, and I felt rage that someone was in my house and was out to get me.
Again there was that sound and a voice from down in the basement. I had enough; I took one last sip of whiskey and push away from my table. I left my pin and the paper with my confession on the table. I pick up my candelabra
And retreated to the kitchen, there I found a butcher knife and then I proceeded to check the basement, but before I could, I heard her voice and look into a mirror in the hallway, there I saw her twisted face, with blood flowing from her mouth and eyes, then she faded away into the night. I ran to my table for another drink, I was in such a fright, it mixed with my growing anger, that anger was now boiling over with rage. I had killed her, how could she dare come back. I must find her and finish the job before she tells someone.
As I was drinking, I heard her laughing at me and taunting me to come to find her. Where are you, I cried show yourself I said, but no. she did not appear. Then I heard the noise as if someone was in the basement, there was that haunting laugh again, that was the sound coming from downstairs. Now livid with anger, to the point that I was deranged and also In my drunken state, I pick up the butcher knife and the candelabra and headed for the door to the basement.
In a sweet voice, I call out for Eloise, come my dear Eloise to your lover. Show yourself, my love. I open the door and started down into the darkness. I could now hear her voice calling to me, taunting me, and laughing at me I‘m now at the point of insanity driven by my anger and rage.
As I descendant down into the darkness with just the flickering of my candles, I reach mid-point, her voice haunted me again, but this time it was just a whisper in my ear. I froze in fear, where was she, and then out of nowhere, she confronted me her vision floated right in front of my eyes. I was startled and thrown off balance, but in a fit of rage, I thrust the knife at her.
But it went through mid-air her for she was not there, but in so doing, I lost my balance and started to tumble down the stairs and while doing so the butcher knife penetrated my chest, blood started rushing from me as the pain became intense, I could feel my life force slipping away from me.
As I lay at the bottom of the stairs, she once again appeared; she was just floating above me and looks at me with scorn. She said you threw away our love a love that was true, the love I gave to you, because of the anger in your heart. You took my life, so my revenge was the curse I placed on you.
You took your own life with your own knife; it was the anger and the rage that overtook you and drove you to insanity. Yes, you took your own life, now with your death, I’ll be free, heaven awaits me. For you the sin, that you’ll take to the grave, hell awaits with the agony that you deserve!
Guildford H Windley
October 27, 2018

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Samantha Leboeuf (@guest_1560)
2 years ago

Wow Guildford, what a great story…your such an awesome writer…

Noble Member
2 years ago

Wow Guildford, what a great story…your such an awesome writer…

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