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A New Bright Day

by: Guildford Windley

A New Bright Day
In the morning light, I see a new bright day
In the eyes of a curious child, I see a new bright day
When I see two young lovers kiss in the moonlight, I see a new bright day
The birth of a newborn, for the first time in their mother’s arms
When I hear of bravery, valor or just simply giving a hand
I see a new bright day
In the eyes of a kitten or a little pup
Birds dancing in the air
The trees of the forest
For their shade and their air
A field of wildflowers with a sweet scent in the air
Mountains with snow caps in the clouds
The beaches, bless with the sea and touch by the Sun
The bounty of food
Big cities, little towns
Villages and hamlets bound by the sea
By rivers where they flow
Lakes high in the hills
In all of these things, a new will come
A day when all people will sing
No matter their color
No matter their age
No matter their gender
Or where they come from
We all need each other
We are linked together
Like we need the water
Like we need the air
All creatures big or small
We live on this little ball
In a universe
So big
Are so lost
In the dust
Milky Way
A Galaxy
That’s really insignificant
Our lives, our emotions
To us, so important
But in time and in space
Our thoughts
Are mere blink of an eye
So smile my friend
Look around, see
The new bright day

Guildford H Windley
February 12, 2019

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