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A Prayer for Angels Everywhere

A Prayer for Angels Everywhere

by: Guildford Windley

A Prayer for Angels Everywhere
Angels come in all sizes and ages
Angels are both female and male
Angels are not only in heaven
For they are all around us
Angels give of themselves
When others will not go in harm’s way, they’ll lead the way
To hell and back they will go, to save another soul, for life is what they’re fighting for
Angels give of themselves, some give all they got- Their own lives
There are those that take, will make a profit off those that suffer
To hoard and turn to greed, spend their money to buy guns out of fear
To turn to a racist rant on unfounded facts- when we do not know for sure where this virus comes from
There are those, self-pro-claim experts who say this pandemic is a hoax or its hurting making money
But for all the fools in this world, full of them- the heroes still rise up to the top
God Bless the people who make this world a better place
Who are acts of kindness and gentle touch gives rise to lift a spirit, they’re a saving grace
The front line fighters, who give their all, with lack of equipment to protect themselves or help with the patient needs
While people in power praise themselves in a delusion of what they have done
People die in overcrowded rooms, in hospitals in crisis all across this world, but the angels fight on
As for those that past from this world to the next- when at heaven’s gate please tell the angels there
That there are angels everywhere and they send their love and ask for your help
Oh your prayers are fine, but the action is needed here on earth
For if angels from up above send not a miracle or two- But do what needs to be done
For the angels on the ground
Please send us the damn equipment that we need to get this job done!
Guildford H Windley
March 28, 2020

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