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A stolen child hood

by: Sarah

Webs my family spun
Taking us in
Mastering mind’s
First came pills
Then it was lines
Those who lived
To tell the tale are
Crazier than hell
I bare marks like all
The rest
Some of life’s fucked up
The family hides
Behind their web of lies
As souls were lost
And other’s met their demise.
Casting stones for the world to see
Selfishly believing they
Did nothing
By pulling us in and spitting
Us out meant loving
Crazy I may be
However this was not loving
You people stole from me
A place a time precious memories
Learning to forgive was not easy
I found peace in Learning
There are other’s who need
Help just like me.

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. That patience pays in the end, and that love will always overcome the darkest of days.

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