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A Wild Ride To The Dark Side

A Wild Ride To The Dark Side

by: Guildford Windley

A Wild ride to the dark side
In the midst of a fog
Blinded by the shroud of lies
The wild bunch
Does its best to raid the nest
The wild boys
They play a game
That the gullible will swallow
Keep the power is what’s important
Feed the weak, those that buy the lie
The wild boys
Clinging to the west wing
Taking us down the path to the dark side
The blood they drain, is of the land we claim
People everywhere should understand
We bought a ticket
From the mad man
The place we go from here
Down the drain on the cuckoo train
The wild boys of the west wing
See yourself in the mirror
Locked in chains
Trapped are we
In a looney bin of our own making
The wild boys
Do their thing deceiving and distracting
The rest of us are drinking
Hoping for a new beginning
Hold your glass up high
Let’s all hope it’s
Mueller time tonight!

Guildford H Windley
September 8, 2018

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