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Betrayal, Black Gold and Blood

Betrayal, Black Gold and Blood

by: Guildford Windley

Betrayal, Black Gold and Blood
As the tanks and planes crossed the border, the people ran from the flames
From their homes, they did flee
the dead lying in the streets
Burnt bodies scared with white phosphorus; building on fire
Fear and panic are on their faces as they flee from their homeland
Once they had fought and died fighting with their allied to defeat their common enemy
But when the Turks said they wanted to devour that land, the Kurds allies turn and left them to die, they drove away
Accept for the oil fields the Kurds allies there they took a stand
The President sold the Kurds out to the puppet master
The Russian who plays the game, in his hands is the Turks, the Syrians, and the USA
But Syria is a complex land of many interests
Once America stood with these folks oppose to a tyrant rule
But that was then, not now
The shifting sands of alliance and a weak-minded crooked the unstable mental case that is America’s leader
Are driving controls of this land, now in the hands an of Russian puppet
Thanks to America’s betrayal
The new world order is on the rise as Republicans keep taking bribes and are controlled by the oligarchy they care not for the soul of America
Their souls they have sold to those that control the black gold
Now our world is less safe, thousands of Kurds, Christian and Yahtzee displace from their homes, more refugees left without a place to call home
The Blood of this betrayal is on the hands of Trump, Republicans and their supporter
Watch your back Israel you’re the next Trump will turn his back on you, when his masters say the word, and the republican’s cowards will betray you too.
Gee all those bribes to own a congressman are now lost on Putin whim
Those Turkey missiles that they brought from Russia, the S400 are not for decoration they are there to keep the path clear for weapons moving south for your destruction
Iran will have a corridor to arm your enemy
Hezbollah will dance in jubilation at your destruction
Do you really want to take a chance with a fool who doesn’t know Israel is in the Middle East? Or who thinks Colorado borders Mexico
Once there was a chance for a new day for people to be free
But Putin and the Russian oil oligarchy
Said no they will dictate and control
Now the new evil axis is Russia and their puppets Turkey, Iran, Syria, and the USA
One day those that suffer from wars, those who face hate and are tortured and beaten
The poor and the weak, those displaced from their land for the greed of others
Will rise up and crush and destroy the oligarchy
We will not allow a 1984 world!
Guildford H Windley
October 23, 2019

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