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Finding Hope this Christmas

Finding Hope this Christmas

by: Yasir Sulaiman

Rumbled through the snow I did,
In search of food; my intentions were no good….
Had to protect my family,
But no treasure anywhere I could see….
Growl and force my way I did
Break into a home I did
Grab I everything I could see,
Then, my eyes fell on the Christmas tree….

Full of joy, full of lights,
Celebrating the birth of a special hope on a special day like this…
Then a hand was placed on my shoulder and “She” said,
Feeling hungry my friend?

I stared at her in surprise!
Destroying everything in sight here I was….
Yet greet me she did full of smiles,
And then share with me she did a lot of gifts,

I realized today is a day of forgiving,
Today is a day of sharing
Today is a day you forgot all your worries…
Because today is Christmas!

Merry Christmas everybody!

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Laurel Griffin
10 months ago

At the job interview for the Children’s Home They asked me “What’s the most important thing to give a child?” I said “Hope”. They wanted me to explain “If you have hope, no matter what anyone tells you, you can find a way . . . be someone . . . maybe even live a dream . . . Hope is EVERYTHING.” I think back now and realize the irony maybe even the arrogance of my answer What do I know about hope? Still . . . even now . . . I think it sounds good In theory anyway… Read more »

Shirley Satterfield
11 months ago

Very beautiful poem , Yasir, you are the quintessential poet. May the New year find you well and prosperous, and may God deliver you from all your afflictions.❤️

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