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In Memory of a Beautiful Soul

In Memory of a Beautiful Soul

by: Guildford Windley

In memory of a beautiful Soul
Somewhere there’s Christmas cheer
But not here
Somewhere people are laughing and joy fills the air
But not here
Somewhere people are dancing and sharing time with others
Food and drink, and talk aplenty
But not here
I’m depressed, sad and down
To some the world goes on, they’re blind to the sadness I see
Somewhere there are people with more than they need
Poverty, greed, hatred, and division seems to be the realty
The spirit of love, caring and giving is declining
What is the reason, why do we care?
For what is Christmas to most?
But a marketing tool to sell goods
Somewhere people live blind to the pain of others
Yet there are those who have faith and are giving of themselves
Every last ounce they gave to help those down and out
There are people who go unnoticed who strive to make this a better place
God knows they’re not blind to the suffering of the human race
It takes a get deal of faith to sacrifice one’s life, for others
To have a face full of smiles to cheer up those who face shows sadness
It takes a strong person, man or woman who can give it their all when most folks turn and walk away
So few of these people God has sent this way, so few for the good of mankind
Just for a short time do they get, to make this world a better place, their time spent for the best of their life?
But do we as a whole ever change, no were blind to the suffering, or we just turn our heads
Somewhere people are celebrating this time of the year
But not I, for the pain that I feel is real
A strong brave woman who gave of herself to her last breath: has passed
I did not know her that well, but she had a good heart, caring soul
She gave of her life in the service of others
Now she is bound home where the Angels are rejoicing, a journey that leaves her parting from us
It’s the world lost, for we cannot lose such a soul
Yes people are laughing and living and not caring of pain around them- no thought of the poor, no feeling for those that suffer
Hate, prejudice, and bigotry go on no matter what day of the year
But I see the pain, I see the hate, I see the prejudice and bigotry
So did she, and she stood up for the true words of God
Not some false version of Christ, where hypocrisy is their truth
God took her home, way too soon, but her work will still need to be done.
Yes I’m sad, somewhat mad at God for taking her from us
But there’s that voice inside of me that says trust the Lord
But in my heart this Christmas I’ll be sad
My only Christmas gift that I can give to her, is to ask all of you
To open your eyes and give of yourselves for the betterment of others’ lives!
Guildford H Windley
December 16, 2019
Dedicated to the Memory of Sister Kathleen

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Shirley Satterfield (@shirleymandelsatterfield)
1 year ago

Hi Guildford. Nice poem here and congratulations are in order also for winning the poetry contest. You are a very deserving poet for your hard work and great heart. ♥️ Please e-mail me concerning your Skype interview for the Daily Wisdom Words YouTube channel at I am looking forward to interviewing on video as one of the Great Poets of the Present for Take care and happy New Year.

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