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It’s a Small Quaint Southern Town

by: Guildford Windley

It’s a small Quaint Southern Town
In a small quaint southern town
They meant and fell in love
But their love was not to be
For it was forbidden
She was white, He was Black
She was rich, he was poor
They tried to keep their love very private
But it was a small town, and word got around
The rumors spread like wildfire
Her family disowned her; His family begged him not to see her
She moved in with him in his run-down home on the edge of town
They were isolated and alone, but they love each other and did not care what the world would say
Then one night they came, there were eight of them
They were covered in white so you could not tell their faces
It was early in the morning just after midnight; the lovers were in bed asleep at the time
The people in white, all of the men broke into the house and grab both of them
The men in white beat the black man until he was near death, then they put a rope around his head
On a nearby tree, they completed their dirty deed
For her, death would not come at first, for the men want to satisfy their needs
One by one they ravage this girl, while each was filling their thirst with rot gut alcohol from the local gin mill
After they were done with the evil they did
They kicked her and beat her and left her for dead
Just as they were laughing and drinking some more
She found strength from deep down in her
She pulls herself up; from a dresser drawer, she got her gun
Before they could move, she began to shoot
Her revolver was loaded with six shots
Her aim at six feet was deadly; she unloaded that gun
She was killed before she could reload
It a was a small southern town full of charm
Some dirt was buried and no one would say
In the small town paper, it was reported next day
That the towns brave sheriff and three of his deputies died in the early morning as they tried to free hostages
Held by a crazed poor black sharecropper on the edge of town
But unfortunately, are brave officer could not save them
In the house they found, dead on the ground one of county wealthy young lady, who had been viciously raped, her father and the local pastor were both shot dead
It appears that the black man took his own life, he was found swinging from a tree
This case is closed, no need to look deeper
It’s a small southern town with a lot of dirty secrets
Guildford H Windley
January 14, 2019

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