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The Foolishness of Man

The Foolishness of Man

by: Guildford Windley

The Foolishness of Man
For the dead, we weep and pray
For the dying, we cry and share our prayers
For the lost and confused, no answers anywhere
Huddled behind closed doors and walls living in fear
We built and spend to keep us safe
A wall to stop brown people from coming in
For fear of the color of their skin
We built and spend, for a war with those that live on distance shores
Tanks and planes; warships of all kinds
Troops to fight a seeing enemy
We are all shocked, disorganized and confused
The world did not see it coming
Now we are fighting a war; the enemy is a spore
A virus that moves from one other, in a cough or sneezes
On surfaces or in the air, a touch of the hands of two friends
We’re at war, for we are unprepared
The military has its organization, its generals and Admirals
We have law enforcement of many types, who protect the homeland
But someone thought they save a buck; the pandemic response team all gone
The NSC pandemic playbook tossed aside
Confusion reigns, greed and fear run amok leaderships is lost
War toys don’t do, no damn good
It took out an aircraft carrier that cost billions to build, without a shot
The invasion we feared, of foreign Hordes coming from the south
A war with a foreign foe, with troops fighting on a distant shore, like all the other modern wars
But in the end, it was unseeing that came from within, a cough a sneeze is all it took
The moral of this should be clear, we are of one race, and that is the human race, we should work for the common good
The lesson we should gain from this is the waste of life, there should not have been if the action was taken at the first outbreak
We waited to damn long to because cure cost us money and we were not ready to deal with reality
If in the early days we started to shelter in place, wear a mask upon our face and keep at least six feet between us
Think of all the lives that could have been save- wealth comes and goes but life is just one dance
For the real tragedy that has come, from the follies of mankind
All the money spent on war and walls could not stop the virus that’s so small.
Guildford H Windley
April 8, 2020

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