The River

by: Guildford Windley

The River
Oh river, sweet river
Run your course to the sea
From a mountain creek, you were born
Run your course to the sea
A life source, for those along the way
For pleasure, you give as you make your way to the sea
Your muddy brown water rich with the soil
That was washed from the last rain, over the banks it did it flow from the farmers’ last plow
Full of poisons and chemicals, man’s solution to pest control
Twisted and bent you move like a snake as you flow to the sea
From storm, you carry dead trees and your bottom is churning with debris from the hands of the uncaring man
The Beauty you show hides the toxins that flow within the water you carry to the sea
From a fresh innocent stream, by the time you reach the sea a killer, you’ll be
Like a snake with its fangs ready to strike once you flow at the rivers head the ocean will feel your bite
We as mankind did this to you, once your beauty provide ocean with nutrients for a healthy living sea
But now the toxins brew lays waste to water that flows to the sea
While hidden by a façade for the eyes will capture the beauty of the surface
We live in ignorance not knowing vast areas of the ocean are without life
As to the life of the sea, the food that we eat, yes the fish they eat the toxins that become food for sea life
While on the farms the food that is of the land is leach with poison
While the food we eat is slowly killing us
But those who know, silent our they for the money control the words that they say
The cycle of life we have; we are born and feed poison that slowly fills our bodies until cancer grows within us
Feed by the toxins from profiteer, as we die so does mother earth.
The irony of this is that while we kill ourselves
The insects that we use the chemical on, now thrive as they have adjusted to the toxins
In the end, they will live on a planted full of beauty
But what of man, for he will be dead
Casts from the garden for it was not the insects that were the pest it was
Guildford H Windley
November 29, 2019

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