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The Seasons for Lovers

The Seasons for Lovers

by: Guildford Windley

The Seasons for Lovers
Summertime love, a kiss in the mist, of the old mist trail, or hiking hand in hand on a Redwood trail
Laughing and joking while enjoying a glass of wine while overlooking the ocean at dinner time
A foggy on the beach, as the ocean hits the shore
Yes summertime loves
Ah but in the fall, love is true, with parties to share in the cool night
A ride down the coast, to where pumpkins do grow
a romantic hayride with you by my side
Ghost stories over coffee, an autumn camping trip snuggling together with both sleeping bag used as one
The Halloween fun with all the young ones, when no one was looking the kiss stolen by the vampire and the beauty queen
Thanksgiving oh god I’m full, as we doze off in each other’s arms while on the old couch
Oh that beautiful fall loves
Let’s not forget with a chill in the air those moments of love in the winter’s air
A hug, a kiss, gee it cold out here, a fire, and Irish coffee in the warmth of cabin on a snowy lake just the two of us and a big warm bed
Yes that Christmas gifts under the tree, and while we are at the mistletoe is just above us, a kiss from you is my real Christmas gift
Oh winter time for lovers
Now in the spring life is renewed, four seasons of loving my god a baby is due
Guildford H Windley
July 11, 2019

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