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The Treeof Life

The Treeof Life

by: Guildford Windley

The Tree of Life
Somewhere in space and time, the tree of life resides
Somewhere in the stars and beyond the clouds a tree does grow
Each branch a life, each twig a journey where one’s life grows
The leaves are moments that bring us happiness and when they fall, those are moments of our bad times
Yes somewhere in the warmth of the sun, one will find the tree of life
All of humanity tied to the trunk of a tree born in the soil of a distance pass
On heavens high, beyond the sky
A universe born in a violent storm creating trillions of sun, one sun warms our home
Life is but stardust that planted life only this here little rock a rock brought to life to life by a small sun
Upon this planet we did grow, in a garden like no others, for in this special garden there was where life first came- The tree of life from the seeds laid by the hand of God, it grew
Each branch blossom in the Sun rays, and the rains that came to moisten the fertile soil to bring forth the age of man
Steady and sturdy the trunk of our generations, the family of humanity
We are but one root system that grew into a trunk, born of different branches
God’s gift the beauty of diversity
In the history that is very brief for the time of humankind, let our branches come together in harmony with nature so we endure until the end of time
Let our branches join and rise above the conflict that has scared our roots
For somewhere beyond our reality is where the garden lies, and in that lushness of a peaceful beauty there is a field of green
In that field, you will find the tree of life
In the morning sun, that old tree stands in the glory of what can be, for with each branch sharing the part that makes them special and unique
We just need to come together reach out to each with love and understanding and the vision of the tree of life and of the garden that we seek, is right where it’s always been, just look around and believe and when you do it will be your new reality
Guildford H Windley
April 2, 2020

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