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The Watchman. watch

The Watchman. watch

by: Guildford Windley

The Watchman, watch
The Watchman, watch
The clock as it tolls, its seconds as they go
The Watchman sees the damage done
As humans have been told, but they ignore
They rather turn their backs then change their lives
The Watchman, watch
There are tears in one’s eyes
For the truth, he knows
As time ticks away, we have lost another day
Soon the time will run out
People will in the time to come
Curse the lives of those who had a chance to make a change
But would not do so because of their self-interest
In the meantime, the clock is ticking as
The watchman watches the world ending
As the earth does warm, harsher the winters more violent the storms
The clock does tick but we do not heed
The changes that we need to make to save humanity
As the ice of the world melts the oceans of the world rise
Fertile lands for growing turning to wastelands for dying
The watchman watches knows what’s happening
He can see the end as he cries out the alert
But his words are not heard
For those with power control the purse
To change our ways will cost those folks whose wealth is based on the past
They use their power to keep us from change
Meanwhile, the clock ticks away
As the watchman watches in dismay
Knowing that the life of man is ticking away
But maybe it is best for man to go
For all that humanity has an archive
In the arts and science
We turn around and destroy because of our vanity
The watchman watches as the time comes to an end
The loss of humanity will only be a small footnote in history
Earth will survive and perhaps come back to life with new species that will make the world theirs
As the watchman says goodbye to all of human life
A new world will emerge
Life begins anew
May those who come in the ash of man be better stewards of the land.
Guildford H Windley
September 5, 2019

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