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The Winds of War

The Winds of War

by: Guildford Windley

The winds of War
The winds of war blow once more across the plains of our shores
As old men shout a patriotic response to build frenzy among the masses
Young people, who just out of school must take up the handle of war, and fight the battles,
Accept those who have the means they don’t have to go to fight in no dirty little war
In war some come home alive, some in a cheap pine box with a flag drip over
Of the living there are those that are whole and then those not so lucky; arms, legs, and eyes lost the price of war
The oratories ring, as political speak from the mouths of politicians
The sounds of war fill the ears, as the politicians drum up the war
We wag the dog’s tail as the politicians wail for war; distracted are we from the problems the politicians won’t deal with
The environment, healthcare, homeless, hate and violence at home
So much for the things that affect us, our cities and states all put on the back burner
For it’s off to war, another generation fed into the war machine
In gleaming towers above the cities, rich men sit all safe and without a fear in a glamorous room to review their riches
For them, the call to war will stroke their profit margins
For money is of no object for the toys of war
It’s only when money can do social good, then it’s hard to find.
So rich get richer and the poor do suffer the fate of no power
In the end, the story is for each a different ending
The rich live on and party, the poor carry the burden of the war some come home some do not some return to live again, some are lost in drugs and booze and laying in the street
No money for the poor, as the rich man takes it all
As for those lost souls whose body lies upon the road, their minds lost in battle more than they could take
As people walk by their judgment already made
Of a person, laying in the gutter
Thank for your service, but don’t come to us for help for there is no money
But who gives a damn, when the profits are on the rise as the winds of war blow once more.
Guildford H Windley
January 13, 2020

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