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What Have We Done

What Have We Done

by: Guildford Windley

What have we done?
The wind is a blown
The trees hear the words not spoken
The birds fly above the mess that is man
You don’t see as many honey bee and butterflies that once pollinated the land
My God, what have we done?
No time left for thinking
Action needs to be taken
The clocking is a ticking
Don’t hold your breath and hope for the best
That train has already left the station
Our greed is not our salvation
The lust we have will lead to our ruin
Earth as we know it will soon not be the same
For it’s a time for changing and mankind time is near an ending
My God, what have we done?
We had our chance, but we did nothing
In a world blind to the truth, we live
A small group controls what is said and done and like sheep, we go along
When someone speaks the truth
It’s not what we want to hear we turn our backs on them
It so much easier to ignore what is happing
When we are reassured that we have no fear at all
As other ridicule those that sound the alarm
As our leaders stand on high moral ground
Saying things will be fine, as their hands are full of lobbyist cash, we are blind
Go about your life, no change is required
The weather may be hot this year
The winter storms might be much stronger than they ever were
But it will be OK
But the time of reckoning is near
Oh some of you will laugh and say God will come and save the day
But ones with so much faith should know
It was so written that we were given a Garden of Eden but we were deceived by the serpent
For that, we were driven out of the Promised Land
Maybe that story was not of the past but a prediction of the future
Look to a house of white for there you’ll find the serpent with a tongue that can beguile your soul
If the garden is lost, it will be by the hand of man
Without the garden, there will be no man!
Guildford H Windley
September 15, 2019

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