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Captive Heart By Selina

Captive Heart By Selina

Today, i feature an Captive heart by American artist, Selina, who murdered by someone who envied her. Man’s heart is a secret and the rhythm his concern. No one knows what he carries. Certainly no one can decipher it until he acts. Join Abuh Monday Eneojo. Let him take you on a ride into sound and poetry. Oh! That’s me.

  • Listen song
  • Compose a poem inspired by song
  • Share with us

Remember, it doesn’t count if do not invite someone. Also, Daily Wisdom Words Podcast airs June 12th with Kelly Sullivan Walden as our first guest.


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pd_adams (@guest_9673)
11 days ago

A Kiss

Willing captivity
hearts escape into
In strange proclivity
of a life built for two

Oblivion searches on
for the last smiling few
As hope climbs up
it never needs a clue

The air around here
doesn’t seem amiss
Hope floats in space
Searching for a Kiss


Michelle (@guest_9670)
11 days ago

Fantasies of dreams
pledged promises
all is mine these emotions
covering my nakedness
in a temperate mood
the magic of his eyes
amusing flirtations
of cosy nights
feisty my heart
ambles through life
running wild
contented with impressions.

Shores and me

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