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Let us just get over with it. It is Saturday and I want to listen to good music and read good poems. Join me. I am Abuh Monday Eneojo. I will be your host.

  • Listen to song
  • Compose a poem inspired by the song
  • Use #DWWMP
  • Share with us

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Abuh Monday Eneojo
Abuh Monday Eneojo is a poet and author of three books. You can check out his books on Amazon.
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3 months ago

A tangled mess
Confusion multiplied
To love so deep yet
Fill so cheep
Ashamed alone
No one knows
Tied to a wall
My master calls
Obey obey
Things will go his way
Alone in thoughts I silently

3 months ago

Forever is the
sentimentally beautiful
dancing with birdsongs
salient memories
running free with
summered dreams of us
and i have tried
to keep that smile
seeping in moonlight
missing eludes still
my heart and
love inclined binds

3 months ago

I’ve tried
How can you
Get over someone
You loved so much
I’ve tried
But It’s like catching wind
In a butterflies net
I’ve tried
To get over you
Move on from
Crazy days full of
Laughter and fun
I’ve tired
And all I am left with now is
One big ball of messiness
I’ve tried

3 months ago

Desert’s Embrace

Searing heat reminds me
days we used to share
even our voices knew
whispering about love.

Desert mirages confront me
images we wrote about
songs you gave to me
nights we sang together.

Our sacred sanctuary
a deepness of love
sifts through my thoughts now
kissing them back home.

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3 months ago

I’m such a rogue outlaw… I love it. ;^>

3 months ago

DUMBED DOWN By Neel Trivedi Gone are the days, When mornings would be full of promises Gone are the hopes & dreams touching my eyes with the first ray of sunlight For I planned my day & I failed For I dreamed & got shattered For I pined for the feeling of triumph to make love to me at nightfall And it pushed away me like leprosy Perhaps emulating my family & former friends The agendas are now remedial enough That even a half-dead mind like mine could complete Unlike the old agendas, It demands no effort from the heart… Read more »

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