• Catherine posted an update 1 week ago

    Hello All from Massachusetts USA. I would like to Thank everyone at for nominating my poem, ‘An Open Book’for the winning poem in the Fall 2020 Poetry Contest ✍📚 I am honored and appreciate being selected. Thank you all so much…
                       An Open Book 

    I write the society of a world gone wrong 
    The hate, the crimes and the lives now gone.
    I write the reality the whole world reads
    The scars, the wounds, the pain that bleeds.
    I write the melody the whole world sings
    The laughter, the tears, the simple things.
    I write the love in a world gone cold
    The dreams, the wishes and stories untold.
    I write the words I placed in a poem
    For all the world we call our home.

    I read the society where lies belong
    Shame, secrets and a shattered song.
    I read the reality this whole world needs
    The survivor’s in courage forever now leads. 
    I read the melody the whole world brings
    The freedom of birds, queens and kings.
    I read the love this world does hold
    Hidden in cracks, waiting to unfold.
    I read the words I placed in this poem
    From my heart and straight to your home.

    Written by Catherine Mellen