This is exactly what i intend giving the woman of my dream with ‘Will you be mine?’ engraved on a white card. Flowers are beautiful and painting them may not be easy. All thanks to Donna for sharing this. On that note, i say welcome to Daily Wisdom Words Picture Writing Exercise. My name is Abuh Monday Eneojo. I will be your host.

  • see picture
  • compose a write inspired by picture with words in title
  • use #DWWPWE
  • share with us

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Debbyk (@guest_9733)
1 month ago

It only takes a moment
to choose the right one
scrawl some devotion
happy words on a card
Grab a wilted bouquet
on the way out the door
mason jar flowers fall
quickly to the floor
Time is what she wants
a heart will cherish this
a picture for each day
to carry with her always

Trusted Member
Michelle (@michelle)
1 month ago

My heart just waits
in a greeting card
sadness wilting
all the flowers
your name in sotto voce
memorizing hours
the owl ever so watchful
gaping at the moon
pain shivers
numbing my soul
soft light shimmers
love oh i can hear
almost the arias of it
binding in pauses.

Active Member
@Tetrametracall1 (@verde_mar)
1 month ago

Flowers for Yesterday

You’ve been haunting me
like flowers crying in rain
they hold my eyes
tearing of yesterday.

I inked your goodbye card
our favorite song colors
just to tell you someday
what I couldn’t say today.

Champagne never tasted
just hopeful glitteratti
rainbows in our eyes
as our song ends.

Trusted Member
Michelle (@michelle)
1 month ago


CurvyRedGurl (@guest_9710)
1 month ago

He stood at the door
red rose in one hand
hand drawn card in the other
a large stuffed elephant under his arm
she smiled and took the elephant
they were her favorite.
It wasn’t enough tho
the red rose and card
when things are dead
and an elephant always remembers
let it go cause their aren’t enough nutrients to make it grow.-Amberdawn (CRG)

Trusted Member
Michelle (@michelle)
1 month ago
Reply to  CurvyRedGurl

Brilliant write❤

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