One of the very infamous therapy or act that i employ when i get so drowned in thoughts that make me cry is pray. Prayer to many is illogical. They believe that it is useless to pray to a being that they think doesn’t exist. At this point, I would like to state that i am not trying to falter any belief.

Tell me what you think. I would like to know what you think about the words you see above, prayer and humans. Mind you, we do not limit our write to poetry. It maybe in any form you dim fit. Just be you! That’s all that i ask of you. Welcome to Daily Wisdom Words Picture Writing Exercise.

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Abuh Monday Eneojo
Abuh Monday Eneojo is a poet and author of three books. You can check out his books on Amazon.

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  1. pd_adams


    Little prayer so small
    after all much ado 
    Finding paradise
    oceans far & few

    Across starry skies 
    as rain crosses below  
    Flying high above cross
    songbird flight from snow

    And when a prayer dies
    heaven holds no cure
    Nature calls it home
    Of this it is sure

  2. Abuh Monday Eneojo

    Say a prayer
    Does humanity care
    You lied to me
    Humanity said you were there
    I want the earth to burn
    Our leaders never learn
    They do everything rather late
    Now we suffer the fate
    Now say a prayer
    God isn’t there

    Poem by Karl Womack

  3. Debbyk

    If I lost everything
    all the things I touch
    all the things I have
    as long as prayer remains…
    I have it all
    hope in tomorrow
    faith found in today
    love lives in my heart
    No human can take what’s mine
    the endless gift of Joy
    given to me every day
    right here under God’s skies

  4. Sarah

    I think most people turn to prayer in time of need. Forgetting that prayer is needed even when we are blessed. The unanswered prayers we often think go unheard or unanswered may actually be blessings in decquise.

  5. CurvyRedGurl

    I pray every day
    maybe not the same way
    you see I hear her in the trees
    I hear her in my dreams
    the wind whispers
    and the sea screams.
    For in everything is divinity
    and the divinity is in me
    the sand under your feet
    the stones under your seat
    all part of creator
    all a part of me
    so when I pray I sing
    joyous songs of movement
    endless wails of pain
    pours out like snot on a fall day
    I can not control the rage-full tears
    when they come I embrace the fears
    give in for a minute let it flow
    then sing to creator and let it go.

    So when I send thoughts and prayers
    know a little spell has been sent there. -Amberdawn (CRG)


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