Our Community Mission

Mission Statement for Daily Wisdom Words

Daily Wisdom Words began with a dream, cultivated from an idea, to have a website for all writers. The original dialy wisdom words blog was posted on blogspot from 20013-2016 and was a simple blog based on one word a day, expanding on its meaning. As we began to research, we found there were very few places that writers were able to enjoy writing prompts and get solid information for all kinds of writers. The founder then decided the following as her mission for daily wisdom words aka DWW:

1) A one-stop shop for all writers. This would include authors, poets, bloggers, quote artists

2) Provide writers a literary purpose by raising money for young people for school supplies, through part of the donations received from those interested in poetry and writing. Promote poetry and writing to continue to be part of learning criteria, eventually nation wide.

3) Provide fun for writers, while stimulating them mentally through poetry and writing prompts.

4) Have a centralized area that the community could share as a whole on the website.

5) Eventually become the largest poetry and writing website with the largest amount of members.

6) Provide life coaches to help guide writers through helping them with their issues, writing related or not.

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